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"last night" being July 31st.

I was in a Freddy Fazbear's establishment, playing security guard, and I was tasked with the normal thing in the games (check the cameras and guard all five nights). However Foxy was incredibly aggressive towards me, appearing at both doorways and occasionally banging on the wall, and while it started off as night and pitch-black outside the doorways it brightened up but fog caused me to be unable to see very far outside. Foxy, Bonnie, and Chica appeared outside my doorways, switching places occasionally as well as Foxy rushing between both doors frantically as if trying to get in without going back to Pirate's Cove. When I walked over to the East Hall doorway to press the button the door on the West Hall rose up, due to the doors being on a timer, Foxy rushed inside the room and everything went blurry. However what's weird is that Foxy didn't rush at me, rather he ran behind the guard chair, and the dream ended with someone yelling "Enough!" instead of Foxy or the other animatronics killing me.

Yeah I watched a lot of FNAF stuff before bed, but I wonder what that dream means symbolically. I mean it's not like I was romancing any of them, or in my school, so I wonder what the dream symbolizes for/about me.
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Digital Drawings (with shading)
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The most expensive artwork you can commission from me, this costs the most but is the most impressive.
Digital artwork (w/o shading)
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Artwork colored digitally. Because it takes longer to finish than the traditional drawings it costs more, so you're just paying for a higher-quality picture if you think about it.
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Simple sketch drawings, normally without shading.


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